Absolutely. In fact it is the best time for you to add details to what exactly will be happening in your house. Having a list of questions would be a good idea. On our end, we actually prefer to come out to be able to properly quote on the job. And to you as customer it is an opportunity to get a feel of you are comfortable with the contractor professionalism, knowledge and willingness to share them with you. Ask for references – we got them :)

As the name implies, Traffic is commonly used commercially because of the volume of traffic that these floors are subject to. Traffic is a more durable water-based finish that is often recommended for homeowners with large pets or young children, whose floors may be subject to more daily abuse. The Online Floor Store states that “Bonatech Traffic provides unprecedented durability in a wood floor finish. [It] outperforms moisture cure finishes without the hazardous side effects, and all the benefits of a waterborne finish.” Traffic is clear and colorless, highlighting the true color of both natural and stained floors and will not change color over time. Like other water-based finishes, it is both fast drying and fast curing; therefore, minimizing downtime for the contractor and allowing the homeowner quicker access to their floors.

Please use this table for a general reference only as it will vary based on temperature, humidity, and presence (or lack) of humidity, and manufacturer’s recommendations. For waterborne finishes only.

Tack free – 4 hours (after final coat was applied) Very limited, stocking feet traffic
24 hours (70% cure) Regular traffic (no outdoor shoes)
3 days (90% cure) Furniture can be placed back
7 days (100%) Area rugs can be placed back

Waterborne finishes are here to replace the oil based products forever. Healthy, fast drying equivalent or higher durability- they are nothing, but advantages. One of a very few downsides is the grain raise (rougher to touch than oil- based products), but it also can be taken as an advantage – the floor is less slippery. In fact Bona Traffic (2 component high durability watebased poly by Bona Kemi) carries a UL (Underwriter lab) rating for slippery resistance.

There are many factors that will affect the future appearance and performance of your floor. Before making you selection let our consultant help you analyze your life style and come up with suggestions.

Yes we do. Part of the floor completed with a set of artistic parquetry, that can be cut right into the existing floor, or a fireplace hearth wrapped with a border and corner blocks – they truly make you floor unique at the price tag of three-four hundred dollars. Please speak to your consultant during the estimate.

Feather-in (patching) only works best on small spans, set aside that is quite a labour intensive and expensive procedure .The bigger the span is the more noticeable the difference will be, due to many factors, like age of materials, layout of the floor, manufacturers and milling, harvesting locations, etc. During the estimate the consultant will be able to help you with different options.

Yes, provided that the layout of the area that needs to be refinished permits to make the stop lines in the doorways parallel to the direction of the wood. Please discuss the options during the estimate. As part of our customer service we don’t charge extra for working in stages.

It very much depends on the type of the project, layout of the house, and area under renovation.

For instance, if we are sanding the whole main floor but you have a place in the basement set up, you can sleep in the house, but you will not be able to cook upstairs as the stove and the fridge would need to be disconnected. At the same time, if prefinished hardwood floors are being installed, the installation can be planned in a manner when the most important areas are done first to allow access. Please make sure that you tell us about your conditions and requirements during the estimate so we can tailor the schedule of the project to your needs.

It very much depends what needs to be moved and how far. Please speak to your consultant during the estimate.

Every project is different, but a regular home floor sanding of 600-800 sq.f. will take anywhere between three to five days. Yet it doesn’t mean that you will have to vacant your home for all this period of time. In fact with dust containment and water based finishes use you can live in the house while the work is being done. Or you just might want to take a little vacation and come home to your newly refinished floor!

Dust containment system use allows you to schedule us pretty much in the end of the project. Rule of thumb – as less trades as possible on the newly finished floor.

Imagine you didn’t clean the house for three weeks – a little bit of dust can be seen on shiny surfaces. Would be quite a realistic picture of the amount of dust, not caught by our machines. There might be an odd patch of dust on the bottom of the wall or in confined spots like closets and pantry, but that’s is as dirty as it gets. You can even do your final coat of paint on walls if you like. With that said, closets and pantries do need to be emptied out, so the guys can do their work properly.

2-3 weeks out, but if it is not a huge project the schedule can be adjusted to your needs. We are a small company with a flexible scheduling and a personalized approach.